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Додайте її до свого профілю, щоб стежити за отриманими коштами.

Conotoxia: we execute the plans, we plan the future

22 Mar 2021 10:22|Conotoxia.com

Even the market's competitors do not set the bar for Conotoxia as high as it does for itself. The fintech does not rest on its laurels and reveals its cards: breakthroughs and innovations await the customers.

  • Instead of several mobile apps for different financial services, one super-application will combine its predecessor's best features and functions.
  • Plenty of conveniences will be offered to multi-currency card owners.
  • The clients in the USA will be pleased with the new payment method.
  • The company is considering acquiring a potential investor or a stock exchange debut.

Conotoxia: we execute the plans, we plan the future

From an online currency exchange service for clients in Poland to a global fintech known as Conotoxia Holding, whose companies provide comprehensive financial services. The exciting development journey of Conotoxia, filled with spectacular changes, successes and impressive marketing initiatives raises the question: will it be possible to maintain such a pace of progress, introduction of novelties and expansion into foreign markets?

Conotoxia is already making specific plans for innovations to be introduced in the coming months. Although the company has been following the rule for years: first we inform about facts, then we carry out plans, today it's high time to make a slight exception to this rule and reveal a few secrets about specific goals.

The super-app and the debit card

It is said that imagination mostly limits people in their pursuit of ambitious challenges. However, the saying does not apply to everyday life at Conotoxia. Here, Conotoxia Holding CEO Marcin Pioro and his employees' bold business visions made the brand impossible to be classified only in the category of online currency exchange offices. It quickly gained recognition, launched new services and products, and eStore with useful digital products. Just a few years ago, the fintech also kick-started its international expansion. First in Europe, and then - which to many seemed almost unimaginable - in the United States.

Last year, Conotoxia launched a multi-currency card. The product enables many customers to save money on international payments. They also appreciate the card's functionality daily when making transactions in their local currency.

It looks likely that they will soon enjoy the product even more, as 2021 might be the year of convenience for multi-currency cardholders, both traditional and virtual.

What will specifically change? Well, Conotoxia will enable adding cards to smartphones and smartwatches. However, this is not the end! Last year, fintech provided its users with a multi-currency lending service. The option of withdrawing funds from a given loan directly to a multi-currency card and the possibility to apply for a card debit appear to be significant steps planned for the implementation. The loans will also be included in currency exchange and money transfers.

A very considerable novelty is also the super mobile app. Until now, customers interested in currency exchange, international transfers or multi-currency cards could download separate apps for each service to their mobile devices.

The future, already quite near, will look completely different. The developers of Conotoxia have created a "combo," i.e., the said super-application for services available on the portal. The novelty for mobile users may be available in a few months.

Conotoxia: we execute the plans, we plan the future

Relevant group: business

Not only individual users will benefit from the novelties introduced by Conotoxia.

“We plan to focus on business clients more intensively. This is a very relevant group for us. We are constantly expanding the catalogue of products and services, and tools related to business consulting. We intend not only to respond to their needs but at the same time to set new trends," announced Marcin Pioro, summarising the record-breaking year 2020.”

Today, business clients will find following tabs on Conotoxia.com: RegTech, i.e., a solution supporting the fight against financial crimes, and real-time Currency rates for your business. Marcin Pioro's announcement makes it clear that the offer for businesses will be further extended. Among other things, we can expect the possibility of payments via PayPal and Apple Pay in Conotoxia Pay. The fintech also plans to introduce a subscription service of currency audit in the PRO version - for companies and investment funds that operate on foreign markets.

The way the Americans like to pay the most

For more than a year now, Conotoxia, Inc., one of the Conotoxia Holding group companies, has been providing a money transfer service from the USA to Europe. Customers in 42 American states can now transfer money online in 28 currencies. The immediate plan is that Conotoxia, Inc. will expand the range of payment methods available by allowing payment directly from a bank account.

This will be yet another method, alongside Visa and Mastercard, available to customers in the USA, and - it is worth adding - one of the most popular ways for Americans to pay from over four thousand banking institutions in the USA.

Conotoxia: we execute the plans, we plan the future

And now... on the stock market?

The optimisation of the offer and the introduction of new services progresses along with the development of individual units and, at the same time, the entire capital group. Thanks to a collective vision, dynamic growth in turnover or the value and number of transactions recorded by almost all Conotoxia Holding structure segments. Moreover, we can consider strengthening our market position. The company reveals part of its secret, announcing the consideration of acquiring a potential investor or a stock exchange debut.

“Nearly 11 years ago we set off on our business journey, imposing on ourselves a very fast and demanding pace. Our daily work can best be characterised by innovation and continuous development. The trust of our clients and our financial results clearly show that we are maintaining the right course and heading in the right direction. I can only assure you that we are not going to slow down, but actually speed up, which will surely bring further success and a lot of satisfaction," says Marcin Pioro, CEO of Conotoxia Holding.

Services offered at Cinkciarz.pl and Conotoxia.com are provided by companies belonging to Conotoxia Holding. Currency Lending Sp. z. o.o. provides the multi-currency lending service.

22 Mar 2021 10:22|Conotoxia.com

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