Currency tools

Currency tools make it easier for you to exchange multiple currencies around the world. Save time and exchange at the best rates. For borrowers and travelers alike, we’ve got you covered.

Standing order

Do you buy and sell currencies regularly? Standing orders make the exchange process quick and effortless. Ideal for paying loans and mortgages.

Currency cards

Travel without the stress of carrying cash. Get our currency cards in euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), US dollar (USD) and the Polish zloty (PLN).

Currency alerts

Do you find following exchange rates time-consuming and tiresome? Do you want to buy or sell currency at a selected rate? Our currency alerts are the solution for you.

Payment orders

Do you make regular payments with a standing order? We can automatically collect funds from your bank without you lifting a finger.

Text alerts

Do you like to be in the know? Text alerts inform you about our products and services, status changes, desired exchange rates and currency alerts.


Do you have a blog or website? Now you can use our currency exchange rate widget on your page.

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