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Get more with Conotoxia Pay!

  • 28 currencies at attractive exchange rates for you and your clients
  • Low commission: PayPal 2.0%, Google Pay 0.9%, card payments 1.1%
  • Discounts for our partners
  • No activation fee
Launch payments


The fee depends on the payment method chosen by the customer.

Price list in pdf format can be found here.

Payment method Commission Minimum commission amount Remarks:

Conversion rates for mimimum fee in currencies other than PLN can be found here


To show the support for our partners' business we would like to offer discount for those who exceeded monthly turnover indicated below.

Monthly turnover no less than Discount for next month
** The discount is granted on the basis of the turnover for the reference month. The given value of the discount reduces the amount of the commission by the amount of the discount, i.e. for example, for trading above 20,000 PLN per month, the value of the commission for card transactions using Visa or Mastercard is 1.05% (minimum commission amount 0,80 PLN). The discount is granted on the basis of the turnover for the consecutive settlement month. It does not apply to payments made in the currency wallet.

Discounts for the Trustly method can be found here

Payment account withdrawals

Fees for withdrawal of funds from a payment account.
The fee will be converted at the current exchange rate.

Withdrawal methods Fees
Withdrawal to one's own currency wallet 0 PLN
Withdrawal to a bank account in Poland 2 PLN

For withdrawals to a bank account outside Poland - additional fees may be charged:

Withdrawal methods Fees
Withdrawal to a bank account outside Poland (SEPA) 5 PLN
Transfers to accounts held in countries other than Poland (SWIFT) 0,25%
(min. 40 - max. 200 PLN)

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