How to exchange currency

Order a transaction from your bank account or pay with convenient payment methods. You can also top up your currency wallet or use social transactions without fees and commission. Both of these models are simple and intuitive.

Choose from the available transaction models and exchange currency in a few simple steps.

Currency exchange within the currency wallet The best available exchange rates Immediate execution time Transactions require funds on the wallet More about currency wallet
Currency exchange using a bank account You have 24 hours to pay for the transaction Execution time dependent on banks Transactions require adding two accounts in different currencies More about transactions from your bank account
Currency exchange using an express payment Shorter execution time for transactions from the bank account or No need to have funds in the currency wallet Check payment methods
Social transactions You decide on the rate at which you want to exchange currency Transaction execution dependent on other users` offers Transactions require holding funds in the currency wallet Find out more about social transactions

Discount codes

Use discount codes and exchange currency for less!

Register for free and get a discount on your first transaction. If you have already exchanged currencies with Conotoxia, add a review of our services on For a published review, you will receive a discount code.

Discounts apply to currency exchange transactions in which one of the currencies is PLN.

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Discount codes

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