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What are cryptocurrencies?

Did you know that cryptocurrencies are based on cryptographic technology to secure and verify transactions?

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Currency Average rate Exchange (24H)
1 BTC 5 655.949 USD 1.00 BTC Exchange (24H)   -10.90%
2 XRP 0.460 USD 0.000081 BTC Exchange (24H)   -9.36%
3 ETH 178.781 USD 0.031720 BTC Exchange (24H)   -13.39%
4 BCH 428.106 USD 0.075957 BTC Exchange (24H)   -17.94%

About cryptocurrencies

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual money, based on advanced technologies. Their main feature is anonymity.

How to use cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are based on a distributed cryptosystem. Buy or mine cryptocurrencies by creating new chains.

Cryptocurrency dictionary

What is bitcoin? What is blockchain technology? How to mine cryptocurrencies? What are ICOs? Use the dictionary to find out the answers.

Cryptocurrency rates

The value of cryptocurrencies is volatile in comparison to traditional currencies. See what determines cryptocurrency quotations?

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Cryptocurrency analysis

What determines the current quotations of cryptocurrencies? What influences the dynamically developing virtual currency market? Read the latest comments prepared by our financial analysts.

02.11.2018 | 14:32

Record-high investment in cryptocurrencies by business sharks

“The relatively low valuation of cryptocurrencies, significant drops since the beginning of the year and media silence surrounding this matter have not prevented institutional investors from locating record amounts in virtual currencies. Is this a sign that their prices will soon start to rise again?” writes Bartosz Grejner, Conotoxia Analyst.

12.10.2018 | 15:53

Cryptocurrencies' popularity is fading

"The price of Bitcoin drops along with its decreasing popularity. The last sell-off on the global equity market also did not help Bitcoin. The interest in the whole cryptocurrency market on the internet is at the lowest level in one and a half years, when Bitcoin cost five times less," writes Bartosz Grejner, Conotoxia Analyst.

08.10.2018 | 10:32

Bitcoin reached the bottom but is it really true?

"About a year ago, the cryptocurrency madness began, which pushed many virtual currencies to the top. Today, the situation on the market does not indicate that there will be a repeat of this price explosion. However, the price fluctuations are more pronounced than in the last few months," writes Bartosz Grejner, Conotoxia Analyst.

Cryptocurrency market in numbers

Trading volume 22 261 282 454,53 USD
Value of the market 184 760 680 516,00 USD
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