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Online money transfers

With Conotoxia you will get effortless money transfers from bank account to bank account.

Send money online and save time

Conotoxia will offer great exchange rates of 26 currencies at competitive prices. Send money immediately. Rely on us 24/7.

Reliable money transfers

We are committed to giving you international money transfers you can count on.

Send money on the go

Last-minute money transfer? With the Conotoxia app you will be able to send money fast.

Transfer money with competitive exchange rates
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Easy access
How will money transfers work?

How will money transfers work?

You will be able to send money from your bank account in USD directly to your European recipient's bank account. There will be 26 popular currencies available.

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Where could your money transfers go?

You could send your money from the U.S. to 30 countries in Europe. See which countries will be available.

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Money Transfer App

How to transfer money on the go? You could send money internationally from your mobile device. Our service which is available on our money transfer app is coming soon for iOS and Android.

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9/19/18, 11:57 AM

Apple Pay is now available at

The platform introduces another solution for convenient payment of domestic and international money transfers in multiple currencies.

9/13/18, 3:18 PM

Conotoxia, Inc. obtains a licence in Idaho

The company has been licensed to provide services for yet another U.S. state.

9/3/18, 1:52 PM

Conotoxia signs sponsorship contract with the Czech National Football Team

One of the fastest developing European brands, Conotoxia, announced yet another international partnership. After revealing the partnership with the national football team of Wales, the brand uncovered the new long-term sponsorship deal with the Czech Football Association during a press conference…

8/29/18, 1:02 PM

Conotoxia announces new partnership with Wales Football Team

Innovative Polish online currency exchange and money transfer company, Conotoxia is announcing its new four year partnership with the Wales football team at the FAWales squad announcement at St. Fagans on the 29 August.

8/23/18, 12:47 PM

Conotoxia, Inc. can now provide services in 40 U.S. states

A company from the Conotoxia Holding Group has recently obtained a new licence in the U.S.

8/21/18, 8:39 AM

Pay with ConotoxiaPay in online stores supported by eCard customers can now shop online and make payments in many currencies in the chain of online shops supported by eCard.

Count on us

Gaining your confidence is our top priority. This is why we consistently work on getting your money there on time and with minimal fees. We have licenses in the U.S. for our money transfer service.

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Regular Independent audits
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Money Transfers - Frequently Asked Questions

There will be no need for the recipient to have an account with Conotoxia, an active bank account is sufficient.

Users: Log in to your profile. Select your currency and choose where you would like to send your money.

New users: Register through our website or app. Once you are a registered user, you can follow the simple instructions above.

The recipient will receive the money in their bank account.

Fees and commission for online money transfers may vary. They depend on the amount and the receiving country. A detailed list will be available shortly.

We make every effort to ensure that the lead time on our side will be as short as possible. More information about processing times will be available soon.