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Online money transfers

Effortlessly send money to Europe and get attractive exchange rates of many currencies.

Transfer money with competitive exchange rates

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Reliable money transfer

We are committed to giving you international money transfers you can count on. Simply send USD directly to your European recipient`s bank account in 26 popular currencies.

Where can your money transfers go?

You can send money from the U.S. to 30 countries in Europe. See which countries will be available.

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International money transfers at your fingertips

Money transfer app

Transferring money on the go? Send money to Europe from your mobile device. Our money transfer app is available for iOS and Android.

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Gaining your confidence is our top priority. This is why we consistently work on getting your money there on time and with minimal fees. We have licenses in the U.S. for our money transfer service.

Encrypted connections

Our connections are encrypted to ensure a high level of security.

Regular Independent audits

Our systems undergo regular compliance verification.

Data Protection

We strictly comply with data protection regulations.

Cashless online transfers

Sending funds online eliminates the risks associated with cash flow.

Money Transfers - Frequently Asked Questions

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Conotoxia`s service lets customers conveniently and reliably send money from the U.S. to 30 countries in Europe. Users can transfer funds from US dollars to one of the 26 currencies in our offer.

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New users: Register through our website or app. Once you are a registered user, you can follow the simple instructions above.

During the registration process you will need to provide Conotoxia with a scan of your U.S. state ID, passport or driving license and proof of address so that your details can be verified.

Users: Log in to your profile. Make sure you have added your bank accounts to your profile. Select the bank account you want to use, ensure that this account has sufficient funds to cover the transaction. Select your currency and choose where you would like to send your money.

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There is no need for the recipient to have an account with Conotoxia, an active bank account is sufficient. The recipient receives the money directly in their bank account.

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Send any amount from $10-$2,999 at a flat rate of $0.99 in any of the 26 currencies in our offer. Transactions may be subject to additional fees charged by the receiving bank.

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We make every effort to ensure that the lead time on our side is as short as possible. Transaction execution time may vary depending on the recipient's bank.