Multi-currency card Available soon

Multi-currency card
Multi-currency card
Many currencies

Easily and quickly pay in many currencies around the world.

No fees

While using our card, you avoid unnecessary fees for managing payment accounts.

ATM withdrawals

Make cash withdrawals from ATMs everywhere you want.


No travelling expenses will come by surprise with our card.

Truly multi-currency card

Use your card and get free access to 20 currency accounts. There is no need to limit yourself to them. You can pay in any currency and the funds on the card will be converted automatically.

Choose your card


In your wallet.

Physical card
Physical card

One-off issue fee


  • Delivery within a few days
  • Standard payments
  • Withdrawals from ATMs

On your phone.

Virtual card

Free activation


  • Immediate activation
  • Making online payments even safer
  • You will certainly not lose this card.
Unikaj niemiłych niespodzianek

Avoid unpleasent surprises

It is not prepaid. Your payment will never be rejected without reason. With our card, you can pay wherever Visa is accepted.

Manage your way

Manage your way

Wherever you are

Handle your multi-currency card from any device. Enjoy fast top-ups and pay freely. You can display your virtual card data on your phone at any time.

Everything under control

Tailor the card to your needs. Control your expenses by setting limits. Enable and disable foreign and contactless payments at any time. Change your PIN directly in our portal and block your card if necessary.

Minimum formalities


When travelling, you don't have to worry about the card being blocked.


You do not sign any additional contracts with us. You can order the card online.

Without a bank account

Cards are issued without the need to open an additional bank account.

No need for deposits

We do not require any permanent, minimum deposits to the account.

Minimum formalities


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