3 exchange currency models tailored for you

Transactions from bank account

Order currency at the current exchange rate and pay after 24 hours.

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Transactions from currency wallet

Load the currency wallet and then exchange currencies.

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Social transactions

Exchange currency with other users.

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Select your model

Compare and select the way which meets your expectations.

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Tools supporting currency exchange

Standing order

Automatic purchase or sale of currency. Every month.

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Currency cards

Solution for travelers: EUR, USD, GBP and PLN cards.

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Currency alerts

Notification and/or execution when the rate hits your target.

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Direct Payment

Automated fees collection from your banking account.

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Text message alerts

Stay tuned with FX markets. Anywhere on your mobile.

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Online currency exchange reduces risk associated with trading cash.

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2048-bit security key

All connections with our website are encoded.

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Email authorization

Essential processes authorized with an activation link.

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Monitoring of the Bureau of the Inspector General for the Protection.

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KPMG Audit

We were subjects to financial, organizational and IT audit.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions.

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We want to support you all the way down.

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663 445

663 445

Largest amount of most positive comments in the industry.

„Listen to your customers” program

We examine the needs and satisfaction of our customers.

Q - Quality of Service

We put a lot of effort to meet the high-quality standard.


Cinkciarz.pl becomes a financial platform

The new Terms and Conditions published by Cinkciarz.pl transform the company into a financial platform that provides access to a collection of services.

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Press room

Bitcoin - nearly half price! What’s going on?

“It took just a few weeks for Bitcoin to go down as much as 9k USD. Bitcoin's depreciation may be caused by the actions of South Korean and Chinese authorities and stock market quotations," writes Bartosz Grejner, Conotoxia Analyst.

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Daily analysis

Afternoon analysis 17.01.2018

Data from Polish labour market higher than expected. The zloty may incur losses due to the dollar strengthening. Mixed data on industrial production in the USA.

Afternoon video analysis 17.01.2018

The EUR/USD remains above 1.22 level despite some attempts to push the pair lower, and comments from the ECB members. The zloty remains stable after employment and wages data from the Polish economy.

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