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USD / PLN 3,7967 3,8144
EUR / PLN 4,2992 4,3185
CHF / PLN 3,8102 3,8291
GBP / PLN 4,8213 4,8419
Update: 05:23:26
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14.08.2018 wins with MasterCard in Saudi Arabia

The company has won a dispute with MasterCard in which MasterCard filed an opposition against the registration of the word-graphic trademark containing the word CONOTOXIA and two interlocking circles with the Euro and Dollar symbols in each of them.


Another licence in the U.S. for Conotoxia

Conotoxia, Inc. can now provide money transfer services in 39 U.S. states in total.

09.08.2018 supports more credit and debit cards

The financial platform expands its list of cards that facilitate payment for domestic and international money transfers.


ILS and AED - new currencies available at expands its offer to include two currencies from the Middle East: the Israeli new shekel and United Arab Emirates dirham.

23.07.2018 enables a payment card service

The financial platform has made it possible for customers to pay for money transfers with debit and credit cards.

21.06.2018 ranked 11th on the List 500 by Rzeczpospolita continues to be 11th on the list of the 500 largest companies in Poland. According to the prestigious ranking of the daily magazine, Rzeczpospolita, the company is among the most resilient companies in the country.

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