Daily analysis

19.07.2018 | 11:48

Dollar again above in green (Daily analysis 19.07.2018)

Positive data from the Polish economy did not help the zloty - the zloty depreciated in the morning as the dollar strengthened. Another set of negative news for the pound, this time retail sales failed.

18.07.2018 | 15:11

Slightly weaker zloty (Afternoon analysis 18.07.2018)

The zloty ultimately bent under the pressure of a stronger dollar. Weaker than expected data from the US real estate market may slightly limit its growth potential, but Jerome Powell's testimony to the Congress may turn out to be more important.

18.07.2018 | 11:17

Stronger dollar (Daily analysis 18.07.2018)

The US currency continues its upward trend after the speech of the Federal Reserve Head (Fed). The zloty is supported by data from the Polish economy: higher pace of industrial production and producer inflation. The next day of the Head of the Fed's speech to Congress may provide increased volatility.

17.07.2018 | 15:45

Brexit as a burden to the pound (Afternoon analysis 17.07.2018)

The British currency depreciates due to uncertainty about Brexit. Industrial production in the US increased in June, but the decline in May was more pronounced than expected. The zloty is relatively stable.

17.07.2018 | 10:45

Euro close to 4.30 (Daily analysis 17.07.2018)

In June, wages in Poland rose well above expectations. The 7.5% year-on-year growth in the average salary is close to the upper limit of the recent increases. The zloty may gradually appreciate today due to a positive set of factors.

16.07.2018 | 15:14

Zloty wins (Afternoon analysis 16.07.2018)

The weaker dollar supports the zloty - the euro falls to the lowest level since the month, 4.30 PLN. The zloty may be supported by the possibility of cheap oil and downward pressure on prices from the USA.