Daily analysis

Afternoon analysis 23.10.2017

A good market sentiment improved the zloty's valuation. The US currency is also appreciating due to a higher probability of introducing tax system reforms in the US. The most important event this week - ECB's meeting of the monetary committee - could weaken the euro.

Daily analysis 23.10.2017

Lower EUR/USD trading due to a slight downward pressure on the euro and a relatively good dollar's condition. S&P Global Ratings has left Poland's rating unchanged, but the overall message's tone was negative. The EUR/PLN pair remained stable and close to the 4.23-4.24 boundary.

Afternoon analysis 20.10.2017

The dollar remained strong, but its appreciation has been stopped so far. This, in turn, improves the zloty's situation, which was in a better condition in the second part of the day. The Polish currency may be threatened by worsening of the market sentiment, although the risk of a more significant depreciation is rather limited.

Daily analysis 20.10.2017

The US dollar and the stock market are supported by a closer perspective of lower taxes. Less pressure was put on the pound after the German Chancellor statement. The zloty lost in relation to the main currencies, but the likelihood of a higher depreciation is rather limited.

Afternoon analysis 19.10.2017

Better than expected macroeconomic data from the US may support a weakened dollar. Today, the external factors exerted the greatest influence on the Polish zloty.

Daily analysis 19.10.2017

Reports from Catalonia worsen the sentiment in the market. The pound depreciated after the weakest retail sales data in five months. Despite the worsening sentiment, the zloty remained relatively stable.

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