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18.01.2019 | 16:55

Mixed data from the US, but can benefit the dollar (Afternoon analysis 18.01.2019)

Industrial production in the US grew above expectations in December, although consumer sentiment has fallen significantly. The dollar may gain, despite the continuing partial government shutdown. Worse-than-expected data from the Polish economy had only a limited impact on the zloty, but the likelihood of its weakening has increased.

18.01.2019 | 13:19

Data from Poland and GB disappoints (daily analysis 18.01.2019)

Macroeconomic data currently have a very limited impact on the pound, although those published today on retail sales will certainly not help. Data from Poland may predict the end of a relatively strong zloty.

17.01.2019 | 12:50

Limited changes on pound and zloty (Daily analysis 17.01.2019)

The British Prime Minister won the vote of no confidence in the government. The pound awaits further developments. The zloty is quite stable, although the situation on the market is favourable for it to strengthen in relation to the euro or the franc.

16.01.2019 | 16:05

Euro depreciates, zloty appreciates (Afternoon analysis 16.01.2019)

The market still believes in positive developments for the Brexit - the pound is in good condition. Concerns about the economic slowdown in the eurozone burden the common currency, but the zloty shows its strength in this situation.

16.01.2019 | 12:32

May big defeat (Daily analysis 16.01.2019)

As expected, Prime Minister Theresa May lost yesterday's vote on the Brexit plan, she is also waiting for today's vote on the motion of censure. The pound, however, remains strong - the market believes in positive scenarios, although the risk of chaotic leaving the ranks of the EU has increased.

15.01.2019 | 15:58

Waiting for the vote on Brexit plan (Afternoon analysis 15.01.2019)

The euro is slightly weaker, and the dollar is somewhat stronger during Tuesday's session where the most significant event of the day is scheduled for later in the day. Producer inflation in the USA fell by 0.1% in December, which prevented the dollar from further appreciation.

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