Daily analysis

Afternoon analysis 17.01.2018

Data from Polish labour market higher than expected. The zloty may incur losses due to the dollar strengthening. Mixed data on industrial production in the USA.

Daily analysis 17.01.2018

The EUR/USD quotations close to yesterday's levels. Are the ECB members preparing the market for dovish next week's central bank message? The zloty remained stable. The data to be published today on Polish labour market with limited influence on the PLN.

Afternoon analysis 16.01.2018

The zloty exchange rate was not influenced by marginally higher than expected core inflation in Poland. Pressure on the euro was evoked after worse than expected data from the eurozone.

Daily analysis 16.01.2018

In Germany, uncertainty about the coalition started euro depreciation. Core inflation in the UK was slightly below expectations. The zloty reacted more strongly to reports from Germany than other currencies. The Polish currency lost not only in relation to the dollar but also to the euro, the forint and the Czech koruna. The EUR/PLN slightly above the 4.18 boundary.

Afternoon analysis 15.01.2017

According to final data on consumer inflation in Poland (CPI) the prices of food and cheap clothes increased the most. However, macroeconomic data had limited impact on the zloty. The EUR/USD reached the highest and the USD/PLN amounted to the lowest exchange rate since December 2014 due to pressure on the dollar.

Daily analysis 15.01.2018

The US currency was hit by another strong wave of depreciation. The EUR/USD pair is close to the 1.2300 boundary. The dollar index (DAX) reached new 3-year lows. Positive sentiment towards emerging markets and the negative dollar helped the zloty. The USD/PLN pair fell below the 3.40 level. The euro stayed in line in relation to the Polish currency.