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Order a physical or virtual card

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Top up your currency wallet

Top up your currency wallet, so that funds are ready to transfer to your card.

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Move money from wallet to card and get going

Before the first use, move some of the money from your currency wallet to your card in one click to pay with it.

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Top up your card using your currency wallet whenever you want to

Remember to top up the card before the first use. Pop the amount you need on to your card and keep the rest in your currency wallet.

  • There are 20 currencies available on the card, but you can top it up in a currency that suits you.
  • You can also send the funds back to your wallet. Your money is always at hand.
  • Topping up using your wallet is immediate and free. No matter where you are.
Top up your card using your currency wallet whenever you want to

Pay in many currencies

You can pay in any of the supported currencies and the funds on the card will be automatically converted.

  • Payments in over 160 currencies.
  • Pay with our card wherever Visa is accepted.
  • To use contactless payments, first make a standard transaction with a chip and confirm it with your PIN.

Pay quickly and conveniently online

Use our card to safely pay for online shopping.

  • Pay for your online purchases with your physical and virtual card.
  • Use our 3D Secure mechanism for additional transaction security.

Withdraw cash from ATMs across the world

Need cash? Withdraw money from any ATM at home or around the world using a physical card, and with Google Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay, also with your virtual card.

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A secure way to control your spendings

Manage your funds consciously in your wallet and on your card. With the app you always have them at hand.

  • Define saving targets and control your budget. You can easily set limits.
  • Keep your money safe. You can use your card to store only the funds that you need. Doing this, means you can avoid the stress related to data theft or loss of the card.
  • By limiting the funds on the card, you also avoid mistakes when paying online.
  • Don't want to store money on a card that you are not currently using? You can transfer it back to your currency wallet at any time.
  • The money in your wallet will never get to your card without you knowing. You decide when and how!
  • You move as much money as you need and when you want.
A secure way to control your spendings

Take advantage of what your Conotoxia account has to offer

Exchange currency at an attractive rate in your currency wallet and instantly transfer funds to your payment card.

Receive money transfers to your currency wallet and top up your card with the received funds.

Start using a convenient multi-currency card

Forget about paying for different cards in different banks. Order a multi-purpose card for daily and international payments. Do not hesitate! Start saving now.

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