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Discover the most important information about us. Check out our financial results, history and how we run and grow our business.

Conotoxia Holding

Our results

Our results

Take a look at our revenues from the past few years and see why it is worth cooperating with us. Also, check how employment in our company has grown.

Business advantages

We offer transparent and trusted financial services for individual and business clients. Our set of clearly defined principles and priorities ensure continual development, efficient management as well as future expansion.

Business advantages


We participate in international organizations affiliated with financial institutions that have an impact on the direction of development of the financial sector.


A member of the organisation since 2013.


A member of the association since 2017.


A member of the European Payments Council since 2017.

Company milestones

The list of financial services offered by us is continuously expanding. Find out how we have developed over the years and review the most important events in our story.

Conotoxia Holding companies continue to grow rapidly - record-breaking results in Q1 2021

Conotoxia sends its multi-currency cards not only by post but also by courier

Artificial intelligence at Conotoxia: GPT-3 text generator

Conotoxia Pay with 15 more banks for Pay-By-Link transfers

Conotoxia releases currency podcast "Good rates for the weekend"

Marcin Pioro, CEO of Conotoxia Holding, lists for auction his first tweet

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