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Daylight Saving Time - no longer a good change?

In the still of the night, on the cusp of Saturday and Sunday (March 24th-25th) at midnight, we will “spring forward.” This means that sleeping an hour less on Saturday evening will be a reality. However, there will be more negative effects than just a little sleepiness. It affects many areas of our lives and health. But there is some good news amidst all of this bad. Maybe this is the last time for the time change...

A hit on the zloty may come from America

“Important words for the dollar and stock exchange as well as the fall of all global financial markets on Wednesday after the the Fed meeting. A probable theory: the announcement of a greater number of interest rate increases will strengthen the dollar,” says Marcin Lipka, Conotoxia senior analyst.

St. Patrick's Day tastes best in Dublin

In mid-March, the world looks upon Ireland as it celebrates St. Patrick's Day. This is an ideal opportunity to think about a trip to Emerald Isle’s capital and find out for yourself how hospitable the Irish truly are.

Poles cross the border to go to work. But not only to Germany

“Unemployment in the Czech Republic is at the lowest in the entire European Union, and the average monthly salary is higher than in Poland. This is a signal that the local labor market may also be attractive for Polish citizens,” writes Bartosz Grejner, Conotoxia Analyst.