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Cinkciarz.pl: the up-to-date currency analysis in audio and video

Poland's biggest online currency exchange company launched audio and video analyses. The recent currency commentaries prepared by the Cinkciarz.pl analysts can be received a few times a day.

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- We offer the latest economic news. We report the current events on the currency market, their possible consequences and global trends. These are very useful and well edited materials - said Kamil Sahaj, Cinkciarz.pl Marketing Manager.

The analyses are available directly from the Cinkciarz.pl website. The videos are also published at https://vimeo.com/cinkciarztv. Both these, as well as the audio analyses, have also been made available via podcast apps, e.g. for iOS and Android devices. Each video analysis is about 3 minutes long and each audio one - as an MP3 file - is an expanded, long version, which is over-several-minutes long.

The interested editorial offices can use links and publish the analyses on their websites. It is also possible to share them on social media websites.

Cinkciarz.pl is among the data and analyses suppliers of the Bloomberg platform. The currency commentaries, published every day on the company's website have been awarded numerous times by independent facilities. Cinkciarz.pl was awarded first place in the Bloomberg Rankings for its currency forecasts for the currency pair EUR/PLN in four consecutive quarters in 2013. Cinkciarz.pl's forecasts for USD/PLN were awarded second place in the world in 2014 Q1, and in the same, prestigious rank the company was awarded first place in the world for its forecasts for CZK/EUR in 2015 Q1.

How to use the analyses?

  • 1. Macs and PCs
    After installing iTunes you have to type 'Cinkciarz.pl' into the search box and the software will look for episodes. The analyses can also be subscribed to, so that you receive notifications about any new ones. You will automatically be notified by iTunes about every new update posted by the company in the 'My Podcasts' tab.
  • 2. iOS mobile devices
    Open the preinstalled app and type 'Cinkciarz.pl' into the search box. Then subscribe to our audio or video channel.
  • 3. Android mobile devices
    Install the free podcast app, e.g. 'Podcast Addict' or 'Podcast Republic' and type 'Cinkciarz.pl' into the search box. Then, subscribe to the audio or video channel. When the new episode is published, the app will automatically notify you.
  • 4. Other
    The audio and video Cinkciarz.pl channels: 'https://cinkciarz.pl/vodcast' and 'https://cinkciarz.pl/podcast'.

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