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16 Apr 2015 16:03|

The forecasts of have yet again been awarded the world's first place regarding the currency pair Czech korona/euro and the fifth place in the world regarding the pair American dollar/Chinese yuan. The prestigious ranking for the first quarter of 2015 is published by the Bloomberg platform.

PDF Download (98.7 kB) has received top places in the Bloomberg Rankings. Also, this year the forecasts of's analysts were of very high accuracy.

As it turned out, is one of the only two Polish financial companies to be placed in the top places of the rank. In the ranking, for the third quarter of 2014 the FX company took first place in the world regarding the forecasts of the currency pair CZK/EUR and first place for the forecasts of USD/ZAR.

This year the experts of have yet again been acclaimed the most accurate to foresee the exchange rates for CZK/EUR. The company overtook such big companies as Barclays, ABN Amro Bank, Rabobank and Credit Suisse Group. has also been awarded fifth place in the world for its forecasts for the currency pair USD/CNY, overtaking ABN Amro, Lloyds Bank or Wells Fargo.

The specialists of Bloomberg Rankings have analysed the margin of error, timing and accuracy of the forecasts.

Bloomberg is the world's leading news agency, specialising in reports from the financial markets. Among the platform's clients there are leading banks, largest investment funds, corporation, government institutions and central banks.

16 Apr 2015 16:03|

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