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Cinkciarz.pl ranked 8th in the top 200 Polish companies

16 May 2017 9:55|Conotoxia.com

Cinkciarz.pl was promoted to 8th place in the latest issue of Wprost weekly magazine’s list of 200 largest Polish companies.

- National companies seem to have stalled The Polish economy is being fueled by private business – this is how Wprost describes the ranking for the year 2016. The list’s forefront shows a decrease in the income of the national industrial giants, as well as an impressive increase (more than 30%) and promotion to 8th place by Cinkciarz.pl.

The first time that Wprost made the List of 200 was two years ago. At that time, Cinkciarz.pl was ranked 18th. However, the company was promoted to 9th place last year. This year it has yet again climbed to a higher rank. - This is another reason for us to be satisfied. It reflects the dynamic development of our company, investment in people and new technologies, and our hard work – concluded Piotr Kiciński, Cinkciarz.pl Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Less than one month ago, Rzeczpospolita published the List of 500 in which Cinkciarz.pl was ranked 11th among the largest companies in Poland.


16 May 2017 9:55|Conotoxia.com

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