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Wisla Plock fight for fans

8 May 2017 8:50|Conotoxia.com

Wisla Plock players have accepted a challenge from Cinkciarz.pl. If they successfully exhibit their extraordinary football skills, they will win several prizes for their fans, which will be distributed on Saturday at Wisla’s game against Cracovia.

Wisla Plock is the fifth team of the Ekstraklasa league (next to Ruch Chorzow, Zaglebie Lubin, Cracovia and Pogon) which will take part in the #CinkciarzChallenge contest. The rules are as follows: five players will perform one football task for five consecutive days. One point is awarded for each successful task. If they score at least 150 points, Cinkciarz.pl will organize competitions for fans who will visit the fan zone located in front of the Kazimierz Gorski stadium in Plock on 7th May.

The #CinkciarzChallenge team rank currently stands as follows:

  1. Ruch Chorzow – 179 points
  2. Pogon Szczecin – 178 points
  3. Cracovia – 173 points
  4. Zaglebie Lubin – 162 points

How will Wisla Plock do?

The team from Plock was represented by Jose Kante, among others. Kante’s task was to score as many goals as possible by volley kicking the ball. Other players that took part in the competition were Dominik Kun (obstacle course), Dominik Furman (football bowling), Emil Drozdowicz (throw in and score) and Cezary Stefańczyk (Like thunder!). These tasks were certainly not the easiest. Videos covering the football challenges will be presented daily on the Wisla Plock Facebook page, until Friday.


8 May 2017 8:50|Conotoxia.com

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