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Cinkciarz.pl is the Forbes’ Player of the Year 2016

The online currency exchange service won in a prestigious rank of the Forbes magazine. As it was emphasized by the magazine’s editorial staff, Cinkciarz.pl turned out to be a favourite of the jury in financial category.

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The Players of the Year 2016 were selected by the jury consisting of entrepreneurs, representatives of strategical advisory companies, and managers of private equity. They were people who cooperated with the companies from the moment of inventing their technology, throughout their development, until the return of the capital invested in them.

In the financial category Cinkciarz.pl achieved the first place, by gathering 23 points. It overtook such companies and institutions as Vivus (20 points), Kruk (19 points), Alior Bank (18 points) and PKO BP (14 points).

The Forbes’ rank of the Players is usually won by the companies whose position is enforcing, and due to this they begin to take away the market from the weakening foreign companies. Changes in the financial sector make the greatest impression. Over the years banks were the most important players. This year, they were defeated by the young companies from the fintech sector (finance stimulated by technology). The jury appreciated the most the online currency exchange company Cinkciarz.pl, and Vivus […]. Even Alior Bank, the previous favourite from the financial sector, did not manage to achieve such a pace of development – say the ranking’s authors.

The Forbes’ editorial staff emphasized that until now the bankers were always victorious in financial category. This year however, two top places are occupied by new players, who are active on the field of finances and technology. The winner is Cinkciarz.pl, a company founded by Marcin Pioro. […] Pioro created a competition for such serious companies as Western Union. In order to makethe company’s services more popular among the Poles living in the United States, he decided to sign a sponsorship contract with the Chicago Bulls basketball club – emphasized the editorial staff.

We would like to thank for this token of appreciation, which was given to us by the experts from the financial market. Their positive opinion regarding our services, the perspective of their development, and the trust of our customers, are constantly motivating us to take challenges, and perform more and more daring plans – said Piotr Kicinski, Cinkciarz.pl Vice-president of the Board.

In other categories the winners were: products for the companies (B2B) - Nowy Styl, new technologies - LiveChat, brands - CCC, services - Uber, infrastructure and construction – Budimex. The last year’s winner in financial category of the Player of the Year, was mBank. Two years ago the rank has been won by Bank Zachodni WBK. A victory in the Forbes’ ranking is company’s another success. Last week the editorial staff of Bloomberg Businessweek Polska revealed the best managers of 2015. Among the prize winners was Marcin Pioro, the CEO of Cinkciarz.pl.

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