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New app on the Smart TV Foxxum and 100 thousand downloads of the Android app [CINKCIARZ.PL APPS]

Cinkciarz.pl introduced its app to new TV sets. At the same time, the mobile software of the company for the Android OS have reached the level of 100 thousand downloads.

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The app for the TV sets is a product developed for the owners of Smart TV. Cinkciarz.pl shared the app on the Smart TV Foxxum platform. This means that the owners of Sharp (Europe only), Blaupunkt, Haier, Sigma and Hisense TV sets have now access to it. In 2013 Cinkciarz.pl was the first currency exchange company to create its app for the Samsung Smart TV. A couple of months ago the company also shared the app for the LG SmartWorld.

An app for Smart TV enables following the rates of all 24 currencies in the offer of Cinkciarz.pl. Its clients can also use the currency converter in order to calculate the amount of the planned transactions. The piece of software also enables access to the video manuals which guide you through the functions of the currency exchange website. In the 'News' tab the users learn information about the company's offer and the annoucements for the clients. What's more, it also includes basic information about the company and enables access to the daily analysis prepared by its experts. The materials summarize the most important events on the currency markets.

We are creating many solutions enabling reaching the users of all the popular devices and we are happy that we are efficient in achieving this goal. One of the apps developed by Cinkciarz.pl has just exceeded the number of 100 thousand downloads. This is a piece of software for devices running on the Android OS. It is an offer for people using the mobile devices. It enables access to the most important functions of the currency exchange website, and above all enables completing transactions - said Kamil Sahaj, Chief Marketing Officer of Cinkciarz.pl.

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