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Cinkciarz.pl CEO awarded the Manager of the Year

16 Dec 2015 12:16|Conotoxia.com

The editorial staff of Bloomberg Businessweek Poland selected the best managers of 2015. Among the award winners was Marcin Pioro, the CEO of Cinkciarz.pl. The editorial staff made their selection basing on a survey conducted among the leading Polish businessmen.

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List of the best CEOs of the companies functioning in Poland, was created on the base of a survey conducted by Bloomberg Businessweek Poland in late November and early December this year. The editorial staff asked for indicating the most effective company's chairmen, who were awarded for their successes, perseverance, and modernity. The Best Managers 2015 were also distinguished for their effective competitiveness on the Polish, as well as the foreign market.

The top 20 managers list was created by calculating the votes of the surveyed. The final ranking consisted of the candidates, who were indicated by the greatest amount of surveyed.

Twenty of the best managers were awarded during a ceremony organised by Bloomberg Businessweek Poland.

On behalf of Marcin Pioro and the whole company, I’d like to thank you for the award. This distinction is a result of a vision and effort of the CEO, and the team that he had personally completed. He built a team able to achieve goals, which seem impossible at first sight. Of course, this award obliges us to continue this work as persevering as it is now. This is what will happen. In following years, Cinkciarz.pl will perform its projects with at least the same momentum as now – said Piotr Kicinski, Cinkciarz.pl Vice-President of the Board.

Cinkciarz.pl is one of the fastest growing companies in East and Central Europe. The services of the leading online currency exchange company can be used by companies, institutions and individual clients. Since 2010 the company has been successfully functioning on the fin-tech market. Cinkciarz.pl is available on the international market under the name of Conotoxia. Both brands are functioning in a parallel way.

Among the other award winners are also: Zbigniew Jagiello, president of PKO BP; Adam Goral, president of Asseco; Malgorzata Kolakowska, president of ING Bank; Beata Stelmach, president of GE, and Herbert Wirth, president of KGHM.

16 Dec 2015 12:16|Conotoxia.com

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