Players of BM Slam Stal take on a challenge of champions

11 Apr 2017 13:15|

The players of the basketball team from Ostrow Wlkp. will take part in the Polish Baskeball League sponsor’s quest - the #CinkciarzChallenge.

“Stalowka” will be the third team from the top league in Poland (after the defending Polish champion, Stelmet BC Zielona Gora, and Polski Cukier Torun) to take part in this original, online game. The players will take on difficult basketball challenges masterminded by The videos of the player’s performing the tasks will be published on the Facebook page of BM Slam Stal for four consecutive days.

Ostrow Wlkp. will be represented by Aaron Johnson, Mateusz Kostrzewski, Shawn King and Szymon Szewczyk. This will be the second time that Szewczyk will face the #CinkciarzChallenge. Last season when he was a Stelmet BC Zielona Gora member, he scored nine free throws while blindfolded before the Polish Baskeball League’s finals. His score was beaten this year by Obie Trotter of Polski Cukier Torun. Szewczyk is hungry for the title and wants to take it up a notch by attempting a blindfolded three pointer!

Mateusz Kostrzewski will try to outscore Agnieszka Sniezek (from the Polish National Basketball team) and his competitor from the Polish Basketball League courts, Nemanja Djurisic, by performing an impressive ‘selfie shot’ (throwing a basket with his back towards it, while filming himself with a smartphone). Kostrzewski wants to upgrade the challenge a bit by performing his ‘selfie shot’ blindfolded. The American ballers on the Ostrow Wlkp. team will take on the premier challenges. Aaron Johnson will try to beat the clock, shooting from various spots on the court, for 30 seconds (including one from half-court). Shawn King will see how many free throws is he can sink while standing with his back to the net.

How will the players from Ostrow Wlkp. perform compared to their colleagues? Fans will find out soon enough.

11 Apr 2017 13:15|

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