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Five basketball players, five challenges and thousands of gifts for fans

The players of Poland's National Women's Basketball team, along with Cinkciarz.pl, a sponsor of the national team, prepared a surprise for basketball fans.

Klaskacze Cinkciarz.pl

This was a second edition of #CinkciarzChallenge. The online currency exchange company invents challenges related to different famous athletes and their particular sport. The players of the Poland's National Women's Basketball team scored points with their eyes covered, while sitting down, and even while standing with their backs towards the basket from the arc (6.75m), which in basketball, makes a three pointer.

In these challenges, Aleksandra Pawlak, Agnieszka Sniezek, Katarzyna Trzeciak, Malgorzata Misiuk and Agnieszka Skobel won 2,800 gadgets for fans. The sponsor of the national team will hand over these items to the fans during the Poland - Belgium game, which will take place on November 23 in Walbrzych.

While performing the tasks, the players didn’t fall behind the players of Stelmet BC Zielona Gora, who faced the same challenges in May. The line up of the Poland's National Women's Basketball team achieved the same accuracy in three categories, and in one of them (free throws while sitting down) even bettered their colleagues from Stelmet BC - Kasia Trzeciak hit 7 out of 10. The women of Poland's National Women's Basketball team had a lower score (by one hit) in only one competition (free throws with eyes covered) than Poland’s league champions.

The fun isn’t over yet. Cinkciarz.pl, the organizer of the challenge and the sponsor of Poland's National Women's Basketball team, announced more challenges to come for the athletes.

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