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Ви отримали
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Додайте її до свого профілю, щоб стежити за отриманими коштами.

Cinkciarz.pl vs Currency One - more infringements

7 Jul 2014 14:27|Conotoxia.com

More actions from Cinkciarz.pl caused by infringements of Currency One S.A. - owner of InternetowyKantor.pl and Walutomat.pl.

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Cinkciarz.pl has filed a second application for a summons to a conciliation hearing for the a case of payment of compensation by Currency One S.A. This time the compensation has been established tothe amount of 25 million zlotys for infringement of the right of protection for a trademark and the right to the company of Cinkciarz.pl and committing acts of unfair competition.

The complaint was filed by Cinkciarz.pl as a result of the continuous use “cinkciarz.pl” in and “cinkciarz” as keywords by Currency One S.A.. "Cinkciarz" was used as keywords in defining the online advertising campaign in Google AdWords for InternetowyKantor.pl and Walutomat.pl. The advertisements are displayed on Google search pages and other web pages displaying Google AdWords, as well as in the content of said advertisements. More importantly, Currency One S.A. has been conducting such activities against the final and judicial ban which has been in power since October 9, 2013.

Moreover, Currency One S.A. has been taking action to get around the ban. For some time the advertisements of Walutomat.pl and InternetowyKantor.pl were displayed after running a Google search for keywords alike "cinkciarz" and "cinkciarz.pl" written faultily or by the omission of some letters, e.g.: "cinkciar.pl" or "cinkciasz.pl". Running a Google search for these keywords has an effect on the results for the correctly spelt keyword, hence Cinkciarz.pl treats this action as yet another infringement of the final and judicial ban.

Due to Currency One S.A.’s failure in applying to the said ban, Cinkciarz.pl has also filed an application claiming to impose a fine on Currency One S.A..This fine will be to the sum of 10.000 zlotys or to impose an order for payment to Cinkciarz.pl an amount of 20.000 zlotys by Currency One S.A. along with a threat of orders for such payments for each future infringement.

Irrespectively of both cases above, the first trial of a case filed by Cinkciarz.pl against Currency One S.A. will take place in October 2014.

Due to the actions of Currency One S.A. taken so far, Cinkciarz.pl does not rule out future claims related to committing acts, which jeopardise the interests of Cinkciarz.pl by Currency One S.A.

7 Jul 2014 14:27|Conotoxia.com

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