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26 Feb 2018 11:17|Andrzej Tomasik, a part of the Conotoxia Holding Group, took the highest position in the 14th edition of the ranking of Polish brands "Rzeczpospolita", the daily economic and legal newspaper.

The best Polish brands have not only been classified by value but also by the such factors as quality, customer loyalty and prestige., an online financial services platform, was the highest ranked fintech industry representative in this year's edition of the ranking.

The company achieved fourth place among the best Polish brands classified according to the reference rate. This means that the brand’s customers are prepared to recommend it to others.

One of the basic criteria in the "Rzeczpospolita" ranking is the company's Polish character, understood as the birthplace of the trademark.

26 Feb 2018 11:17|Andrzej Tomasik

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