Ви отримали нашу картку від фонду?

Ви отримали
нашу картку від фонду?

Додайте її до свого профілю, щоб стежити за отриманими коштами.

Додайте її до свого профілю, щоб стежити за отриманими коштами.

A foreign gift for your Valentine

3 Feb 2017 9:24|Conotoxia.com

You can easily buy a gift for your Valentine without leaving your home. However, sometimes it’s worth doing your online shopping in foreign stores. This way, you can buy things cheaper and also find things that are not available in Poland.

Walentynkowe zakupy

- Offers from foreign online stores have recently become even more attractive because the zloty has gained value. Currently, the euro costs less than 4.35 PLN and the pound remains near the level of 5 PLN. Also, the American dollar is at its lowest level against the zloty in approximately three months, and costs slightly more than 4 PLN – said Marcin Lipka, Cinkciarz.pl senior analyst. However, he also emphasized that there is a significant risk of an increase in the dollar’s value. - Therefore, if you find an interesting offer in an American online store, you should buy it immediately, or at least consider exchanging a specific amount of money – adds Lipka.

Don’t wait for the last call

A love letter, a bouquet of roses, a romantic dinner for two – all of these things are very pleasant Valentine’s Day gestures. However, they’re also a little bit cliché. If you wish to think outside of the box, but you don’t have much spare time, you can shop online. An essentially infinite stock and a twenty-four hour shopping day are huge draws, however, the only flaw of online shopping is that you can’t postpone shopping until the last minute. In order to surprise your significant other with a Valentine’s Day present on February 14th, you do need to hurry.

And what if you’re drawing a blank regarding ideas for a special gift? There are no kind salespeople in online stores to help you make up your mind. Maybe you will find our guide useful.

Reading, listening and playing

Even if you can afford more expensive gifts, you could begin your search with something more casual that may be enjoyable for both of you. This could be a good album, an interesting book or an exciting game.

A good example of interesting music you can buy for her could be a rare remix of John Legend’s hit single, “So High.” It’s worth emphasizing that Lauryn Hill made a guest appearance in this recording. This release is a unique in Poland. However, you can easily find it in the German-based Record Store’s online shop. It’s price is 4.44 euro (including shipping).

It’s also worth mentioning a gift that won’t reach you by Valentine’s Day, but it could please your lady. Ed Sheeran, whose music is adored by women, is releasing a new album this year. You can pre-order it at Sheeran’s official website (edsheeran.com) in a deluxe boxset version for 65 euro including shipping (more details: http://store.edsheeran.com/eu/deluxe-boxset-32.html). If you decide to pre-order this album, it will reach you on the 3rd of March, which is the date of its official premiere. Therefore, it may also be a good idea for a Women’s Day gift.

You could also consider buying your lady the classic Emily Bronte novel, “Wuthering Heights.” You can find it in Amazon’s British department for 7.75 pounds. And if your lady likes board games, she should be pleasantly surprised with the Monopoly “Friends” edition, which is based on the popular TV show. It’s available for 31.98 pounds (shipping included) in the 365games store, which is based in the United Kingdom.

Men who like music should be satisfied with the Guns N’ Roses live album, “New York, New York.” This is a double vinyl release, which is a rarity in the band’s discography. However, you can easily buy it at Record Store for approximately 24 euro (including shipping). When it comes to books, one of Charles Bukowski’s most famous novels, “Women,” seems like a good idea. It’s a story of a writer, Henry Chinaski. His career starts developing when he is in his fifties, but his advanced age does not prevent him from taking life’s benefits like a twenty-year-old. This book is available in the German department of Amazon for 12.95 euro. An original idea for a gift is to buy the special edition version of the legendary strategy board-game, “Risk,” which is placed in the realm of equally legendary TV show, “The Walking Dead.” You can buy the “Risk: The Walking Dead Edition” board game in Poland. However, it is cheaper to ship it from abroad. The 365games store has these games for approximately 31 euro (including shipping), which is approximately 158 PLN. This is approximately 40 PLN less than in Poland.


Glasses that change the world

Couples who are into modern technologies could search for electronic gadget gifts. Today, technology not only replaces a traditional book, but also surrounding reality.

Kindle Oasis by Amazon may be a real hit for literature fans. It’s main advantage is the access to a huge library. Moreover, this device only weighs 130 grams, has a long battery life and is good for traveling. Kindle Oasis is available in Poland, but it costs 1549 PLN. You can reduce this price by buying this device abroad. British eBay offers it for approximately 268 pounds (including shipping). After converting this to zlotys, we will receive approximately 1350 PLN, which is 200 PLN less than the cost in Poland.

Virtual Reality devices are currently at the peak of their popularity. Sony PlayStation VR glasses allow you to sink into the game completely. Their cost in Poland is approximately 1900 PLN. However, prices of this PlayStation 4 accessory on Amazon.de, start from 399 euro (which is approximately 1730 PLN). VR technology goes far beyond the world of video games. The VR devices can fit into your pocket or your purse, just as Samsung Gear VR glasses. They are compatible with selected models of Samsung smartphones. In Poland, you can find them for around 399 PLN, whereas the German department of Amazon offers this gadget for approximately 67 euro (290 PLN).

You can buy foreign currency for online shopping in online currency exchange offices. The leader of this sector is Cinkciarz.pl. The company allows you to make currency transactions twenty-four hours per day and has twenty-four currencies in its offering. According to currency exchange rates from February 3rd, purchasing 100 euro through Cinkciarz.pl will save you approximately 21 PLN in comparison to the exchange rates offered by banks.

Idea for a Valentine's Day gift for him [VIDEO]

Idea for a Valentine's Day gift for couples [VIDEO]

3 Feb 2017 9:24|Conotoxia.com

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