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Privacy policy

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  1. Any terms beginning with a capital letter have been defined in the Regulations, unless they are explained below. The Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the Regulations.
  2. Administrators of Users’ personal data and other data processed within the Service are CINKCIARZ.PL Limited Liability Company with its office registered at ul. Sienkiewicza 9, (65-001) in Zielona Góra ("CINKCIARZ.PL") and CONOTOXIA Limited Liability Company with its office registered at ul. Sienkiewicza 9, (65-001) in Zielona Góra ("CONOTOXIA").
  3. CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA place great importance in securing the privacy of Users. Using the proper precautions, it selects and uses the appropriate technical and organisational means: ensuring security, safety and confidentiality of the User and other persons personal data processing, especially from loss, incorrect use, and/or modification.
  4. CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA process and secure personal data within the service according to the requirements defined in the Regulations of 18th of July 2002, about the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 1030, Journal of Laws of 2016, item 1579), provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922) ("UODO"), and a decree from the Minister of Interior and Administration from 29th of April 2004 about the documentation of personal data processing and the technical and organisational conditions of devices and information systems responsible for data processing (Journal of Laws no. 100, item. 1024). In particular, CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA secure personal data within the Service from sharing with unauthorized persons, as well as processing in a way that violates current law regulations, and constantly controls the means of processing data, allowing personal data to be processed only by people who are granted the right to process personal data.
  5. CINKCIARZ.PL processes the User’s personal data in a range necessary to establish and shape content and correct performance of electronic services within the CINKCIARZ.PL Website, including: buying, selling or exchanging currency via the Internet, performing obligations of an obligated institution, as stated in the Regulation of 16th November 2000, about anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism (Acts. Laws of 2010 No. 46, item. 276 t. J.) by CINKCIARZ.PL, sending information regarding Currency Rates via the internet, selling and servicing Currency Cards, examining complaints regarding the Services performed within the CINKCIARZ.PL Website, and issuing and sending invoices due for Services performed by the CINKCIARZ.PL Website, and settling Services. CONOTOXIA processes its Users’ personal details for the purpose of servicing payment transactions and documenting their executions, including the duty performance of an obliged institution resulting from the Act of November 16, 2000 on money laundering and terrorist financing.
  6. Provided that personal data can also be processed by the data administrators, which are CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA, provided that the User gives separate data processing acceptances for marketing purposes, including the newsletter. After ending the use of Services, CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA are allowed to process the personal data of the User in a range granted by the power of the article 19 of the Regulations of 18th July 2002, about the provision of electronic services (Acts. U. of 2002., No. 144, item. 1204).
  7. Supplying personal data for the purpose of using the Services is voluntary, with the exclusion of cases in which the obligation to provide personal data is a result of current legal regulations, including the Regulation mentioned in point 6 above. The User and third parties, whose data is processed by the Service are allowed to access and correct the content of their personal data. If personal data provided by the User in the registration process on the Service becomes out of date, the User is obliged to update it immediately.
  8. Personal data of the User within the Service is collected directly from the User, personal data of third parties can be collected through Users. Persons whose personal data was gained by Service through the User, have the right to put a justified demand regarding the ceasing of processing of their data due to special circumstances in writing, as well as have the right to protest against processing data for marketing purposes, or against passing them onto different data administrators.
  9. CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA do not give access to the personal data of the User or third parties to different subjects, with the exclusion of cases of granting access to subjects that are legally allowed to receive personal data by the power of current legal regulations, including the proper judicial and financial authorities.
  10. Personal data of the User is kept for the necessary period to perform the Service, including the Service's settlement, with the exclusion of cases in which the period of retainment derives from current legal regulations.
  11. CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA are not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites, those available for the User via links placed on the sites of the Services, as well as websites that place links to the Services.
  12. The Service processes the IP addresses of the User collected through internet connections for technical and statistical purposes, as well as for the possibility of identifying the User in the case of any violation of the Regulations.
  13. The Service keeps small cookie text files on the User's computer. Read more in the Cookies policy.
  14. CINKCIARZ.PL and CONOTOXIA reserve the right to conduct changes in the Privacy Policy irrespective of any changes made in the Regulations. Users are obliged to familiarise themselves with Privacy Policy changes.
  15. In case of any questions regarding the rules of keeping confidentiality, security and processing of personal data within the Service, please contact CINKCIARZ.PL via email: abi@cinkciarz.pl and CONOTOXIA via email: abi@conotoxia.com.
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