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Currency wallet top-up

This guide will navigate you topping-up your Currency wallet.

Currency wallet top-up with a bank account

1. In order to top up your currency wallet, select Currency wallet and then Top up the wallet.

2. Select Bank transfer and click Show transfer data button.

3. Select the required currency to top up the wallet.

4. Indicate the country in which you have a bank account.

5. Select the bank where you have a bank account.

6. Log in to your online bank account and make a transfer of the target amount to the selected account. Click ‘Copy’ next to the fields containing the bank details and press Ctrl + V in the appropriate fields. You can also right-click in the field and select ‘Paste’. Proceed as indicated.

7. Remember to enter the correct transfer title - it is unique for your profile.

8. If you can use QR code scanning in your bank's mobile app and the transaction you have ordered from your Polish bank account concerns PLN, it is possible to scan the QR code visible on the screen. After scanning, all the transfer data will be filled in automatically. Remember to check the accuracy of the copied data.

9. Send the funds to

10. Wait for the funds to be booked in your Currency wallet. You will receive an email and text message if you have an active text message package.

Currency wallet top-up with an express payment method

1. In order to top up your currency wallet, select Currency wallet and then Top up the wallet.

2. Select Express payment and click Go to payment button.

3. From the drop-down list, select the currency you want to top up your wallet. Enter the amount you want to deposit in your wallet.

5. If you have selected payment card, choose the card you want to use. To confirm, enter the CVC/CVV code. If you want to add a new payment card, click Add a new card.

6. If you have decided to make an online payment, select the appropriate option and then indicate your bank in the list if applicable. Click Confirm.

7. Click Calculate to check the current exchange rate.

8. The rate is valid for 15 seconds. This is the time you have to conclude a transaction after checking the exchange rate. If the rate does not suit you, after the time indicated, you can click Calculate or not execute the transaction again.

9. Click Execute in order to top up your currency wallet.

10. Enter the authentication code received via email or text message or confirm the operation in the mobile app (if you are using mobile authorization).