Receive a transfer

Our guide will instruct and navigate you through receiving a transfer via

Via phone or email

1. In order to receive a transfer from the list of transfers to receive, select Money transfer.

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions of Payment Services. If you are sending money to the recipient for the first time using our service, please verify.

2. Click Receive money.

3. Find a transfer to receive on the Pending transfers list.

4. Click the Collect Transfer icon in the To do column.

5. Choose how you wish to receive the transfer (to your currency wallet or bank account).

6. If you want to receive a transfer to a bank account, select the account.

7. Click Submit.

8. The transfer withdrawal has been initiated.

From the list of transfers to be received

1. To add a recipient, select Recipients from the side menu.

2. Click Add recipient in the top-right corner.

3. Enter chosen details: mobile number, email address, and/or bank account number, depending on how the recipient will receive your transfer.

4. Click Save.

5. The recipient has been added.

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