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Add a recipient

Our guide will instruct and navigate you through adding a recipient to your profile.

1. Go to Your profile page and then Transfers Recipients.

2. Click Add recipient.

3. Choose the way of sending money. You can select from several options.

4. Indicate the recipient type: individual or corporate.

5. Enter your recipient's name. It will help you to identify the recipient from your list in the future.

6. If you do not want to confirm transactions to this recipient using an additional authentication code, check the box This is my trusted recipient.

7. Enter recipient details: mobile number, email address, and/or bank account number, depending on how the recipient will receive your transfers.

8. Click Save recipient.

9. Enter the authentication code received via email or text message or confirm the operation in the mobile app (if you are using mobile authorization).

10. The recipient has been added.