Transactions from a bank account

This guide will navigate you through making a transaction from a bank account.

1. In order to make a bank account transaction, select ‘Currency exchange’ from the side menu. Next click ‘Exchange currency.’

2. Select ‘Bank account transaction.’

3. Click ‘Next.’

4. An important message will be displayed: ‘Your transaction will begin shortly. Please be aware that by clicking the “Transfer“ button, you are confirming that the transaction is binding, and that you agree with the penalty fee. If you don't complete the transaction, Conotoxia may charge you a fee for failing to complete the transaction, as described in the Regulations.’ Click ‘I understand. Proceed with transaction.’

5. In the ‘I have’ section, select the currency and amount that you would like to send (if you know the exact amount you want to exchange.)

6. Select the bank account that you would like to use to make the transfer.

7. I the ‘I want’ section, select the currency and amount the recipient will receive (if you have not already entered the amount in the ‘I have’ section.)

8. Select the bank account number where you want to receive money.

9. If you have a promotional code, select it from the list.

10. Click ‘Check rate’, to check the current exchange rate.

11. The rate is only valid for 15 seconds.This is the amount of time that you have to check the rate and execute the transfer. If you do not accept the exchange rate, you can click ‘Check rate’ after the specified time or do not make a transfer at all.

12. If you accept the rate and want to execute the transfer, click ‘Execute.’

13. Log in to your online bank account and make a transfer using the details from the Transfer data section. Should you have problems with making the transfer, please visit your bank’s website for help.

14. Click ‘Copy’ next to the fields containing bank details and press {Ctrl + V} or right-click in the field and select ‘Paste’ in the appropriate spaces. Proceed as indicated. Make sure the transfer title has been entered correctly.

15. Send the transfer to