Transactions from a bank account

This guide will navigate you through making a transaction from a bank account.

1. In order to initiate a Bank account transaction, select Exchange currency from the side menu in the user panel.

2. Select Transaction from a bank account.

3. This transaction type may be set as default. Once this is done, this step will be skipped for all future transactions.

4. Click 'Next'.

5. A very important notification will pop up - by clicking Execution this transaction will be initiated and cannot be cancelled. Should you fail to complete the transaction, we are entitled to charge a penalty in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Please keep this in mind when initiating transactions.

6. Click 'Continue initiating transaction'.

7. Select the currency you have and the currency you want.

8. Enter the amount of currency you have or you wish to receive.

9. Select the bank account to which you want to send the money.

10. Check the current exchange rate by clicking 'Check rate'.

11. The rate is only valid for 15 seconds. You only have 15 seconds to check the rate and execute the transaction. If the transaction is not completed at this point, the transaction will be cancelled.

12. If you accept the rate and want to execute the transaction, click Execution. Keep in mind that you should not click Execution if you are uncertain about completing the transaction.

13. Log in to your online bank account and make a money transfer using the details from the Transfer data section in the transaction summary. Should you have problems with making the transfer, please visit the bank’s website for help.

14. Click 'Copy' next to the fields containing the bank details and press Ctrl + V or right-click in the field and select 'Paste' in the appropriate spaces. Proceed as indicated.

15. Send the transfer to us.

16. Wait for the return transfer. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the transaction status. As soon as we have booked your payment, the transaction will change to Verification. Once the transaction has been verified (in terms of consistency of the transfer details and your profile details), the status will change to Initiated. When we send the return transfer to your bank account, Executed will be displayed.