Social transactions

This guide will navigate you through social transactions.

1. In order to begin social trading, top up your currency wallet. If you are unsure how, see the Currency wallet top-up guide.

2. Once the funds are booked in the wallet, select Currency exchange, choose Social transactions from the side menu and go to Buy currency or Sell currency currency.

3. Select the currency you wish to Buy or Sell.

4. Enter your target exchange rate.

5. Consider the current exchange rate. If a steep rate is entered, there may not be any counter offers.

6. Enter the desired amount.

7. Click Calculate the cost.

8. Get familiar with our current exchange rate. This rate may be more favourable than the offers available through social trading.

9. Remember that the funds in your currency wallet need to equal or exceed the amount of the transaction value.

10. Click Add offer.

11. Enter the authentication code received via email or text message.

12. Your social offer has been added. Wait until the system matches your offer with another user's offer. Once this happens, you will receive an email or text message.

13. You can edit the rate, the amount and the name of your offer with the Edit option.

14. You can delete your offer with the Delete option.

15. The Deactivate option may be used when the social offer is not necessary at a specific time and will be saved for later.

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