Currency cards

Currency cards in PLN, USD, EUR and GBP boost convenience, safety, control over spendings and savings on both currency conversion and commission.

Card in PLN

Do you work abroad and want to conveniently send money to your relatives back home in Poland? Or perhaps you are planning a visit? "The Easy Way To Pay In Poland" card is the perfect solution for you!

Why pay with our zloty card?
  • Can be used to authorise online transactions (greater security of transactions)
  • Enables remote IO/MO/TO transactions (via internet / phone / mail)
  • Allows you to save on currency conversion of any currency in our offer to PLN

Cards in EUR, GBP, USD

Do you wonder what the safest way to carry money while travelling abroad is? Concerned about the risk of taking cash? Use our currency card and let your concerns disappear.

Why pay with our currency cards?
  • Pay in EUR, USD or GBP everywhere that accepts Visa
  • Shop online and pay in foreign currencies
  • Save money by converting PLN to USD, GBP or EUR.
  • Use cash machines abroad

Why pay with a currency card?
  • Top up your currency card directly with the appropriate currency purchased at competitive rates,
  • Withdraw cash from any cash machine,
  • Use a card of your choice without having a foreign currency bank account
  • Check available funds at our call center, cash machine or via text message

How it works?

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