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Bargains in Russia

18 Dec 2014 10:31|

Published: 17.12.2014

The past few days have been filled with information revolving around the economic situation in Russia, the falls in the rouble and the monetary authorities actions, intending to prevent further weakening of the domestic currency. This situation, however, has created certain opportunities. These include extraordinarily low prices of high-end goods. All one needs to do is hurry.

(...) Even not following the economic news from all over the world, it is hard not to hear about the Russian crisis and the falling price of its domestic currency. Since the beginning of the year, the rouble fell by a half to the zloty and by a quarter this month. This has created a rare opportunity to buy otherwise expensive goods at bargain prices.

Marcin Lipka, analyst

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18 Dec 2014 10:31|

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