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Google conference live in Zielona Góra. How is it possible? [VIDEO]

Approximately 200 people appeared at the University of Zielona Gora to watch the live transmission of the Google I/O conference. This was the largest meeting of new technologies enthusiasts so far, which was possible thanks to the cooperation with Cinkciarz.pl.

The large turnout at the event on Wednesday not only can be explained by the increasing popularity of the Google developed IT devices, but the savvy of the organizers from Geek Club Zielona Gora also played a crucial role. Let's point out that they organized a live transmission of the Facebook conference last month. - We are finally beginning to see fruition of our regular attempts to integrate the IT environment of our city. We don't want our meetings to be only based on passive watching. Our goal is to create a discussion platform with a creative atmosphere – declared Tomasz Wartalski, Geek Club representative.

Many ideas which were presented during the conference, concerned an improvement in communication between users and Google services (by voice, for example). The discussions also concerned the personalization of the IT systems, which will recognize the context of the user's statement, as well as interpret the mood that the user is in. - Google has its own magnetism. It attracts people with its crucial ideas. Moreover, Google knows how to sell these ideas in a fresh and creative way – said doctorate engineer Tomasz Gratkowski of the Institute of Metrology, Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Zielona Gora.

What is it that creates a tight cooperation between the enthusiasts from Zielona Gora, the university and the sponsor of the event? - Cinkciarz.pl is a company that is active in the financial technology sector. Our position as the leader of the online currency exchange market is based on creatively combining the expert knowledge from many areas, including IT. We wish to support the IT environment of Zielona Gora, because it already consists of high class specialists who are employed in our company – explains Kamil Sahaj, Cinkciarz.pl Chief Marketing Officer.

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