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Cinkciarz.pl prepares the world's first currency app for Microsoft Hololens

Cinkciarz.pl will confirm its avant-garde position in financial technology sector by creating world's first Microsoft Hololens dedicated currency app. The equipment that is currently only available in the USA and Canada has now reached the company's headquarters on Zielona Góra and the team of experts has started to work on the software.

Microsoft Hololens

The company announced its ambitious plans the day after Microsoft has published the third software update for Hololens this year. Improvements that have been implemented yesterday concern the 4K resolution, as well as security update for web browsers that are serviced by the device. Cinkciarz.pl will use the most modern available software. This will cause the Polish company to join world's most innovative organizations that are also preparing apps for Microsoft's crucial device, such as JPL NASA scientific center or the Swedish Volvo.

Microsoft Hololens are modern glasses, described by its creators as a mixed reality device. This gadget actually reduces the distance between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, by offering users a unique possibility of displaying holographic projections. New technologies experts agree on Hololens' production class, impressive resolution of displayed holograms, perfect surrounding sound and easy, intuitive control system. Last week, journalist of the Techradar.com website suggested that Hololens can be the future of data processing. Previously mentioned Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the NASA scientific center uses Hololens for purposes of educational project, which is based on a scientific presentation of photo-realistic surface of Mars. Moreover, the Swedish car producer Volvo uses the glasses for designing security systems in their vehicles. The Polish online currency exchange company will soon be among these worldwide pioneers of new technologies. What kind of functionality will be developed for Hololens by its experts?

A dim viewfinder of these innovative cuber-glasses is based on the Windows 10 system. It can display two-dimensional, as well as three-dimensional projections. This allows to model complicated objects, as well as to suspend holographic working areas, such as text editor, e-mail client or internet browser. Cinkciarz.pl currency app will be assigned to solutions that enable projections of hologram of working areas. It gives the Microsoft Hololens user access to valid currency exchange rates of selected currency pairs. Developers announce that the majority of used functions will be known from a popular Windows Phone dedicated currency app.

What are the motivations of Cinkciarz.pl involvement in enriching the world of Augmented Reality? - Over past few years we have been strengthening our role as a pioneer in fintech sector. Thanks to methodological and multidirectional development, we are able to provide users of our services with access to currency exchange related services on the latest devices. Experiences that we have brought from developing our apps for the AR equipment, such as Google Glass or Recon Jet, allow us to create effective and comfortable solutions for one of the most promising hardwares of the past few years, which Microsoft Hololens definitely is – explained Kamil Sahaj, Cinkciarz.pl Chief Marketing Officer.

Date of the Microsoft Hololens consumer version release has not been announced yet. Developer version is still only available in the USA and Canada. The official website allows for a purchase of five copies of cyber-glasses on a one-off basis for 3 thousand USD per item. Observers of technological market have noticed that despite a high price, the device is sufficiently innovative and exciting to become a bestseller even before establishing the consumer version premiere.

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