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ABW with a lecture at Cinkciarz.pl

Cinkciarz.pl is taking part in a series of lectures organised by the Internal Security Agency (ABW). The course concerns the private entities who carry out tasks relevant for securing the interests of the state.

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The value of information is constantly rising. Even though it might appear irrelevant, other people could put some value and a price on it. It could be assumed that there may always be people who, against our will, might want to acquire and use our personal data for their own benefit.This is why it is so important to provide them with the best level of security – say the officials of the Internal Security Agency (ABW). And they warn: Let us remember, that we are exposed to such threats everyday, everywhere, despite who we are, and what job we do.

As a company aware of threats related to online activities, Cinkciarz.pl has decided to participate in a series of courses organized by the Internal Security Agency.

The whole course consists of two related segments. The first meeting touches on topics regarding counterintelligence prevention. The officer conducting the course presents a catalogue of proper behaviour towards information threats. During other sessions, the experts talk about selected topics regarding the activity of foreign special forces.

As an entity active in the area of finance, we are trained by the ABW about protecting information. We relate the gained knowledge with securing personal data, and other contents processed by our systems. In this way we want to take care of security – said Piotr Kiciński, Cinkciarz.pl Vice-Chairman of the Board.

The ABW performs a three-grade scholar program as part of the Counterintelligence Prevention Program. It includes the elements of preventing terrorism, and security (also anti-corruption) of the nation's economic interests. The program is directed not only to office workers, but also to economic institutions, which are relevant for securing the nation's basic interests. The ABW explains that the agents train those private entities, whose responsibilities have a big significance of the national security. In 2014, there was a total of 519 meetings for approximately 10.5 thousand people.

Only last year the ABW has registered over 12 thousand applications from all over the country. Almost 7.5 thousand of them were classified as incidents threatening the safety of systems or ICT networks, which defect or damage could lead to a serious malfunction of the country.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud? How do fraudsters act? What methods do they use? How to protect money and personal data from being stolen? In order to help customers protect themselves effectively from cyberviolence, the employees of Cinkciarz.pl are willing to share their experiences. You can also find a lot of important information on the company's website, in the “Safety centre” section.

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