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Cinkciarz.pl at the Polish Sport Round Table

Cinkciarz.pl representatives took part in the proceedings of the Polish Sport Round Table yesterday, in response to an invitation from the Polish Olympic Comittee and the Council of Patrons of the POC.

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During the proceedings the work of subcommittees of finance, strategy and legislation were presented. There was also a debate on the registering Cracow as a candidate for organizing the Winter Olympic Games 2022. The involvement of the key representatives of business, sport, culture, art, science and politics is an excellent possibility for future development of the interenvironmental cooperation directed towards supporting sports at all levels possible.

What is exciting for us is the consensus when it comes to the strategy, which defines the sport actions in at least next 8 years- emphasized Piotr Kiciński, Cinkciarz.pl representative at the proceedings -It increases the possibility of foreseeing the outcome of sport events, thus also the attractiveness and safety of possible sponsoring actions and investments in Polish sport talents. We do believe that thanks to the participation in debates of all subcommittees, we will have the opportunity of delivering the substantial input in setting up the solutions that support Polish sport development - Kiciński added.

The possibility of participating in the debate which is key for Polish sport is an honor for Cinkciarz.pl. Sport Sponsoring is an essential part of the company's communication strategy.

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