How to integrate a store

Our guide will navigate you through the process of implementing Conotoxia Pay to your store.

Interested in working with us? Please remember to take care of the following on your website:

  • appearance and topicality
  • legibility of contact details
  • availability and validity of all terms and conditions
  • accessibility to the privacy policy
  • SSL certificate

Now you can integrate your store with us with a few simple steps:

1. To integrate a store, log in to the portal and select Merchant panel from the side menu.

2. Choose Stores.

3. Click Add store.

4. In the next step, complete the details of your store by providing its name, URL address and choose a store platform. Then click Next.

5. Configure points of sale by providing their name, defining sale brands, currencies and settlement methods. The point of sale is a parameter concerning the store. It can be a cash desk or a product category. Creating many points of sale may simplify the analysis of transactions with different payment methods within the same store. Press Next.

6. If your store's software enables automatic change of order status based on data from the payment system, provide the appropriate URL addresses for each payment status option. Press Next.

7. The next step is to download the access data. In order to do so, in the User panel go to the Merchant panel tab, and then choose Configuration.

8. Click Generate new access data.

9. Confirm the download by clicking Yes, generate.

10. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret by clicking the Copy button. Use them in accordance with the documentation.

11. The last step is to add your own public key. In the customer panel, go to the Merchant panel tab and select Add public key. If you don't know how to generate a public key, check the instructions.

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