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PZPN's Secretary-General about Cinkciarz.pl

Author: weszlo.com
Address: http://www.weszlo.com/Sawicki_o_tym_jak_z_kasy_PZPN_wyplywaly_pieniadze
Published: 28.04.2014

Let us begin with what Cinkciarz.pl actually does. It is a company which has over 8 billion PLN of turnover and sells the currency online at much more favorable rates than those available for clients in, for example, banks. There are a lot of people who repay foreign loans in Euro or the Swiss franc and, thanks to this company, are able to save 80 or even 150 PLN per installment. This way, given a loan for couple of dozens of years, they are able to save up to tens of thousands of zlotys. Cinkciarz.pl is a company based on technology, which employs many programmers and consequently develops - not only in Poland as it has opened an office in London (...). I do hope that Cinkciarz.pl, thanks to the investment in the most popular and recognizable in media sport team in our country, that is the National Team of Poland, will achieve notable business and marketing success.

Maciej Sawicki, PZPN Secretary-General for Weszlo.com

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