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Cinkciarz.pl vs Walutomat - the conflict continues. We have the comments of both parties on going around the judicial ban

Author: antyweb.pl
Address: http://antyweb.pl/cinkciarz-pl-vs-walutomat-ciag-dalszy
Published: 09.07.2014

In the beginning of July I have described a conflict between Cinkciarz.pl and Currency One - among otheres, the owner of Walutomat.pl. Everything comes down to use of names: "Cinkciarz" and "Cinkciarz.pl" as keywords in positioning competitive websites (e.g. Walutomat.pl). Everything started back in October 2013, when the case was filed. The court ordered Curency One to cease such practice in response to requesting security for a claim. However, according to Cinkciarz.pl there has been an infringement of the ban and now the company informs that Currency One uses schemes in order to go around the ban.

Grzegorz Marczak, Antyweb.pl

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