has an app for Apple Watch

13 Aug 2015 12:45| developed an app for Apple smartwatches. Thanks to this, the users can follow the current exchange rates of all currencies in the company’s offer.

An Apple Watch allows taking photos, checking the weather, measuring your heart rate. You can forget about credit cards, remote controls, tickets to shows. The functions of such a watch include making payments, booking tickets and opening doors or turning on lights. This is of course only a fraction of what this device can do. has developed an app for Apple Watch. Now its users can follow the exchange rates of all the currencies in the company’s offer. The major currencies (CHF, EUR, USD, GBP) are displayed on the main screen. The app refreshes the information every 15 seconds.

Creating an app for Apple Watch falls in line with the strategy of the company. Our offer is already available on all popular operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry) and devices (smartphones, tablets and TVs). It combines many practical solutions, which are built on the basis of the most recent technology. This is the direction our company is heading and these are the kind of things our clients can expect from us in the future – said Kamil Sahaj,’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The FX company was one of the first financial companies in the world to develop an app for Google Glass™. is also the first Polish currency exchange company to develop an app for Android Gear.

13 Aug 2015 12:45|

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