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Currency alerts

If you don’t want to follow exchange rates, have no time for it, and want to sell or buy a currency at a rate you selected, our currency alerts are your solution.

Why are currency alerts useful?

  • They simplify the FX market analyses
  • They provide a guarantee of the exchange rate selected
  • They enable automatic initiation of a transaction, on condition the exchange rate you selected is reached
  • They enable a faster execution, allowing you to save money

How do they work?

Lets us assume you want to buy 100 USD at the rate of 4.00 PLN per dollar. In the user panel, you just add a currency alert and that’s it. We follow the FX exchange rates for you.

  • At 10:00 the FX exchange rate for PLN is 4.10 - the alert will not be sent, as the required threshold has not been reached
  • At 10:05 the FX exchange rate for PLN is 4.00. A currency alert is generated. We automatically send a notification to your mobile or email. If you checked the adequate option in the user panel, we will initiate the transaction to buy 100 USD for you at the rate you selected

How to add a currency alert?

  • Create free account (see manual)
  • Select Services Services -> Currency alerts in the User panel
  • Click 'Add a currency alert' on the right side of the screen
  • Fill out the form, providing a name for the alert
  • Select the transaction type and currency rate that you are interested in
  • In the final box, provide the desired exchange rate

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