Money Transfer - A new service for Conotoxia users

5 Apr 2018 12:18|

Conotoxia, introduced by Cinkciarz, hosts fast and efficient money transfers in 24 currencies. Transfers can either be sent using the recipient's bank account details or simply with their phone number or email address.

The service is designed for people who make domestic and international currency transfers. Until July 31st, the service will be free-of-charge.

Senders may transfer money using a bank account number, or if the recipient’s account number is unknown, an email address or phone number is sufficient. A notification with instructions on how to collect the money is then sent to the recipient. Receivers can choose whether to deposit their funds into their bank account or currency wallet.

The money transfer provider is Conotoxia Sp. z o.o., which is licensed and regulated as a payment institution, one of the companies in the Conotoxia Holding Group.


5 Apr 2018 12:18|

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