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After a successful transaction feel free to give us feedback about our services at As a "thank you" for your time we would like to offer you discount codes which will lower the exchange rates when concluding your next transaction.

As one of the fastest developing FX services companies, we woud like to know the most specific preferences of our customers and their satisfaction with our offer. It is our desire to improve our offer constatntly. This being told, we would like you to comment and provide feedback about our services, customer aid and support at In exchange for your time and valuable feedback, you will be granted with a discount code that will make using even more profitable.

For the basic currencies, the discount code will reduce the price of every currency unit with the value of the code.
For Czech koruna (CZK), Danish krone (DKK), Norwegian krone (NOK), Russian rouble (RUB), Swedish krona (SEK) and Turkish lira (TRY), the discount reduces the proce of every 10 currency unites with the value of the code.

We will inform you about future promotions and gratifiations later on.

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