Update on functioning of Cinkciarz.pl

8 Apr 2016 10:37|Conotoxia.com

In accordance with the earlier announcements, Cinkciarz.pl would like to remind you of the regulations, which introduce new safety measures, aiming at increasing transaction security. Moreover, the company introduced changes to the system, which are a result of the European standards.

Please be reminded that completing the transaction depends on a positive verification of the user identification data and a properly processed bank transfer.

In order to do that, prior to initiating the next transaction, be sure to provide the correct data and ensure that you are making a money transfer from your bank account, which was properly defined in the profile. It is a necessary condition for the completion of an efficient transaction.

A user who is a natural person needs to make sure that:

  1. all required personal data (including address) are properly provided in the user profile,
  2. the number and series of the ID, the issue and expiration dates, and the social security number are valid,
  3. in the case of a shared bank account, e.g. with a spouse, the personal data of the person who shares the account should be specified in the User panel (Your profile / Bank accounts / Bank account numbers / Edit / Shared account or credit / First and last name of the co-owner or the name of the bank),
  4. the full name of the sender of the money transfer in accordance with the name provided by the user in the profile,
  5. the bank account number, from which the funds are sent to cover the user's transaction, is in accordance with the bank account number provided in the profile,
  6. if required, the ID scan is to be sent via email or attached to the profile.

A user who is an economic entity needs to make sure that:

  1. the required data of the entity is properly provided in the profile to completion,
  2. the name of the sender of the money transfer is in accordance with the name of the entity provided by the user in the profile,
  3. the number of the bank account from which the user sent the funds to cover the transaction, is in accordance with the bank account number provided in the profile,
  4. the money transfer is made from the bank account held in the name of said entity,
  5. if required, the identification form or a permit is to be sent.

If the issues above aren't resolved, the time needed to verify the user's identification data to determine the validity of the transaction may be prolonged.

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