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Discover the benefits of physical and virtual cards. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Physical card

Traditional card to use when you are out and about as well as online. At home and abroad.

  • Express delivery by courier or to a parcel locker, free delivery by post in the territory of Poland.
  • Contactless, chip and online payments.
  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs nationally and internationally.
  • Top up the card in 1 second by shifting funds from your currency wallet.
  • Share your card with someone else by assigning it a phone number.
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Virtual card

A card without physical form, available on your phone, computer or smartwatch.

  • Contactless payments and ATM withdrawals using your phone or watch.
  • Get it as soon as it has been ordered.
  • Safer payment on the internet.
  • You will not lose it.
  • You will top up the card in 1 second by shifting funds from your currency wallet.
  • You can share your card with someone else by assigning it a phone number.
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Benefit from constant advantages regardless of the card you choose

23 foreign currency accounts

Forget about having different accounts for different currencies. Have free access to funds in 23 currencies.

No fixed charges

Use your card, pay with it whenever you want and avoid paying account fees. No fixed costs or obligations.

Payments around the world

Pay at home and abroad, wherever Visa is accepted. Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.

Immediate top-ups and withdrawals

Instantly shift funds from your currency wallet to your card and vice versa, whenever you want. For free.

Automatic conversion

Pay in any currency and the funds on the card will be automatically exchanged at an attractive rate.

Visa 3D Secure

Get additional protection when paying online.

Manage your card on the go

Manage your card on the go

Control your multi-currency card anywhere at any time. Enjoy instant top-ups and pay without limits. You can always have your virtual card details at hand - on your phone. Easily share your cards with others.

Finance under control

Use the available settings and adjust the payment card to suit you.

  • Control your expenses by setting limits.
  • Enable or disable foreign and contactless payments at any time.
  • Change card PIN.
  • If necessary, temporarily lock or restrict your card.

Prioritise security

To enhance the security of your finances, the funds in your currency wallet and card are kept separate. Before paying with your card you must top it up by transferring some of the funds from your wallet. This ensures the money in your wallet remains safe, even if you lose access to your card.


Delivery method of your choice

  • The virtual card is immediately available, just log in to your customer panel or on your phone.
  • Free delivery of physical cards by post.
  • Express delivery by courier (FedEx, DPD) or to an InPost parcel locker.
  • Fast delivery to any place in the world.

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Forget about paying for different cards in different banks. Order a multi-purpose card for daily and international payments. Do not hesitate! Start saving now.

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