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Polish zloty (PLN) - official currency in Poland. Its name was introduced in 1919. One zloty is divided into one hundred groszy.

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Currency Buy Sell Name Currency code
PLN EUR 0,2324 0,2335 Polish zloty 1 PLN
Currency Buy Sell Name Currency code
PLN EUR 0,2322 0,2338 Polish zloty 1 PLN

Check rate PLN (Polish zloty) for your transaction exchange rates depend on the amount of money being exchanged. The larger the amount, the more attractive the rate. Use the following form to check the exact exchange rate of your transaction. The given exchange rate applies to currency wallet transaction.

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Last currency comments

17.04.2019 | 17:18

Zloty appreciates (Afternoon analysis 17.04.2019)

25.03.2019 | 13:56

Hope to come from Ifo (Daily analysis 25.03.2019)

22.03.2019 | 12:45

Dreadful data from Germany and France (Daily analysis 22.03.2019)

21.03.2019 | 17:14

Zloty as a winner (Afternoon analysis 21.03.2019)

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