Comparison of transaction models

We offer many convenient ways to exchange currency. Decide between bank account transactions, currency wallet transactions, other payment methods, or social transactions. Find out more about each model and choose the best one for you.

Transactions from a bank account

  • Order a transaction at any time and pay for it within 24 hours. The exchange rate is clearly displayed before you initiate the transaction. Execution takes up to 8 business hours.
  • To complete the transaction, you must have a bank account in the currency you are exchanging.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled. If you initiate a transaction and don't pay for the currency, you may be fined.

Transactions from your currency wallet

  • Top up your currency wallet via transfer. Then initiate a transaction at an indicated exchange rate. With a single top-up, you can order as many transactions as you would like. Transactions are completed in less than 10 seconds, but you must ensure you have funds in your currency wallet in order to cover its value.
  • There is no need for you to have a bank account in that currency in order to complete the transaction. It is only necessary for withdrawing the funds.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled. Fines are not applicable for this model as funds are sent before transactions are placed.

Social transactions

  • Top up your currency wallet, order a transaction and set the exchange rate. Then, wait for a matching offer from another user. When a match is found, the transaction is automatically concluded (example: if you want to buy 1000 euros at 4.00 PLN, set this rate and wait until an offer appears in the system).
  • To initiate a transaction, you must have the funds to cover it in your currency wallet. A bank account in the foreign currency is not required to complete the transaction. However, ensure you have a bank account in the currency for withdrawing the money.
  • Once you order a transaction, it is possible to cancel or edit it as many times as you like. The transaction can also be executed in parts. There are no fines for this kind of transaction as funds are sent before the transaction is ordered.

Transactions using other payment methods

  • First, order a transaction and see the exchange rate. Then pay for it using one of the fast payment methods (e.g. with a payment card). The execution time depends on the way you withdraw the exchanged funds.
  • To complete the transaction you do not need currency accounts if you want to receive funds in your currency wallet. However, they are necessary when withdrawing funds.
  • If you place a transaction and do not make a payment, it will be cancelled without a fine.
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