HalCash, limit of the transaction value, and one-time titles

12 Feb 2013 22:56|Conotoxia.com

We introduced the HalCash system, which allows to withdraw the funds from Cinkciarz.pl via ATM, limit of the transaction value, and one-time transfer titles.


HalCash is an innovative system which allows to withdraw the funds from currency wallet via ATM. All you need is a cell phone.

Real-time transacions allows to cash money from ATM right after receiving SMS with a reference code. Option is available 24/7.

Limit of the transaction value

This option increases your control over currency exchange. After setting the limit, there is no longer any possibility of confusion when entering the amount. This option is especially useful in situations where e.g. you usually do not exchange more than equivalent of 1000 PLN. If you accidentaly enter the higher amount, e.g. 10 000 PLN, the limit option will stop the process. The default user limit is 5000 PLN.

In order to use or edit the limit of transaction value, select Your profile, then Settings. Enter the value of the transaction limit (e.g. 1000 PLN) and click Save button. If you do not want to use any limits, enter a value of 0, and save the settings.

One-time transfer titles

In order to accelerate booking the funds to the currency wallet process, we added the one-time transfer titles. From now on, each new transaction will have an individual title, which can be used only once. Therefore, note that every time you deposit your money to currency wallet you should use new title.

Reusing the title or making a mistake while retyping it to your bank system will cause a delay of booking the funds in your currency wallet. Every title is valid for 10 days, using it after this period will cause a delay of booking the funds in your currency wallet.

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