Currency in 24h

We are proud to announce that thanks to improving our system responsinle for posting currency transfers on your accounts. This means that all currency transactions directed to our clients' accounts are executed within 24 hours.

It does not matter where you decide to conclude a transaction on Now we guarantee that wherever you are, the operation from accounting money transfer on our account to sending you the currency takes at most 24 hours.

This means higher comfort of our clients and raises the level of our offer's attractiveness. Our time of accouting is one of the fastest offers on the market.

This refers to all transactions concluded in one of 22 banks in our offer (excluding banks online and 12 h). Time table for money transfers to and from

The waiting time for money transfers from is up to 24h for EUR, USD, GBP, dla CHF, SEK, NOK, JPY, DKK, CZK, CAD, AUD, HUF, RUB and TRY up to three business days (D+2).

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