- the largest Polish private company according to the Wprost weekly magazine

14.05.2018 17:13 sp. z o.o. is 8th in the general classification and the highest among all private companies in the latest "Wprost" weekly magazine ranking of the 200 largest Polish companies.

"The largest private Polish company in terms of revenue is the online currency exchange service," presents the Wprost weekly magazine.

In 2017, the company generated 17 billion PLN in revenue. This is an increase of over 19% compared to 2016.

There were no major changes at the top of this prestigious ranking. Only state-owned companies listed on the Polish stock exchange overtook, which defended the eighth position from last year's list.

The company offers online exchange in 24 currencies. It is part of the Conotoxia Holding Group, which also provides other financial services: money transfers, Forex transactions, payments and cryptocurrency exchange rates.

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